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The Love Your Emotions Challenge Is Back!

14 Days to Break Free From Fear & Set Boundaries 

with Confidence

Discover the art of gracefully setting boundaries this holiday season.

Setting Boundaries Should Increase Your Confidence - NOT Fill You With Dread

It's the time of year where everyone gets together to celebrate! But this also means having to say NO and set limits more often...

NO to that friend's party invite because you're already booked.
NO to that relative who wants to talk your ear off about politics.
NO to the coworker who gets too personal at the company party.

Boundaries are meant to enrich your relationships. To make you feel proud of yourself. And to help you feel safe in your connections.

But if you feel insecure about setting boundaries. Or the thought of doing so puts knots in your stomach. Or you're afraid the other person will reject you...

It's time to set yourself free from those fears.
Go From Avoiding Tough Conversations to Courageously Addressing Issues Head-On
This is not just another self-help course. This is a transformative journey that will empower you to reclaim your emotional equilibrium so you can establish firm yet respectful boundaries. 

From December 1-14,
 join me, Holly Soulié, a certified emotional intelligence coach, for an intensive 14-day program designed to help you understand and manage your emotions, so you can confidently
assert your boundaries during the holiday season and beyond.

Here's what you're going to learn:

Steps to reveal where your fear of setting boundaries comes from so you can heal & release it

How to evolve the way you see yourself so you can actually feel comfortable setting boundaries

Ways to work through the pesky emotions that stop you from setting effective boundaries

What to say so your boundaries are well-received and respected by the other person

What to do when the other person isn't on board with your boundaries

Super simple techniques to gracefully manage your emotions on the daily

Here's what you're going to get:

14 days of reflective journal prompts to heal the fear of setting boundaries

2 live group trainings where we'll go DEEP into making boundaries feel safe

Personal guidance from a certified emotional intelligence coach tailored to your unique journey (a $1,375 value)

Instant access to the Love Your Emotions Challenge Video Training Vault (11 trainings total that can only be accessed during the challenge)

Personal boundaries assessment to measure your growth before & after the challenge

Exclusive access to the challenge FB community for instant support & connection

My signature emotional healing method through meditation & visualizations

Step-by-step instructions for the Emotional Freedom Technique

A unique guide to journaling for optimal emotional health

Hey, I'm Holly!

I created this challenge because I know the dread of having to set a boundary when you really don't want to.

In fact, I used to avoid setting boundaries like the plague! I was the queen of avoidance and would ghost people whenever I encountered conflict in my relationships. 

My fear of boundaries pushed me to isolate myself into bouts of loneliness and even depression.

Over the last couple of years, I've worked a lot on myself and my ability to express my needs. I went deep into my fears and anxieties around boundaries and set myself free from them.

Now? I've just set boundaries with the person in my family I was most afraid of setting them with. And it went so well! They were able to receive my boundaries and the relationship was strengthened because of it. I feel very secure in my ability to set limits and this experience gave me more evidence that setting boundaries doesn't have to be a big deal.

With the holidays coming, I decided it would be the perfect time to run a challenge on releasing the fears of setting boundaries. I want YOU to feel just how relieving and satisfying it is to be able to confidently express yourself in uncomfortable moments. 

When you know you've got your own back and can stand up for yourself when you need to, you're unstoppable.

Join hundreds of others from around the world who have learned how to embrace their feelings with the Love Your Emotions Challenge!

See What Others Are Saying About the Challenge...

I learned things I had not learned in years of therapy. The weeks of depression turned around almost instantly when I called the tears beautiful and the depression has not come back since. I have been successful in sustaining a morning routine that consists of reading, meditation and journaling. My anxiety levels decreased over the 30 days based on my daily journaling.

Aisha Jones
Challenge Alumni

I wanted to improve my detachment to emotions and feelings and keep working on it since this is not my first Emotions Challenge. Working with Holly really has helped me to keep my feelings in check and not to run away from it or get lost in it. This challenge I discovered more than emotions. Old patterns and childhood formation that made me open my eyes and see things in a different perspective. I have to say it was more than successful, it was a self discovering that I didn't know I could do. I'm really grateful for her work.

Noemi Colon
Challenge Alumni

I realized that I stifled most emotions and invalidated them as if they were not legitimate. I started to learn how to feel. I began responding differently to my mother and I made time to just sit and feel my feels. Before I was emotionally clueless. After I became aware and more emotionally intelligent and stable. Holly is a wonderful coach!!

Paulina Stevenson
Challenge Alumni

This Is The Only Time I'm Running 

The Boundaries Challenge

I'm ONLY running the Holiday Boundaries Edition of the Love Your Emotions Challenge this one time!

If you're serious about mastering the art of setting boundaries, don't miss your opportunity to join for just $42!

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